Condominium Rentals
  • chevron_rightHow do I Rent a Home at Rio Homes?
    Rio Homes HOA manages the development and common areas, but individual owners handle their own rentals.  Look at CraigsList style websites for rentals or drive through the complex.  You can also call local Real Estate Rental Property Managers.
General Information
  • chevron_rightAre Utilities Provided by the HOA?
    Rio Homes HOA pays for electricity for street and other lights in the development.  Individual owners are responsible for their own utilities including water, gas, electricity, trash and sewer, cable, etc.
  • chevron_rightI Lost my Mailbox Key. Who do I Call?
    Rio Homes does not manage mailboxes.  USPS handles the distribution and replacement of keys.  If you have lost your key, you need to go to the Main Post Office located on Postal Road and request a new key.
  • chevron_rightWho is Responsible for Clearing Snow?
    Rio Homes will plow the streets and spread cinders after larger storms.  The HOA will also shovel sidewalks.  Individual owners and tenants are responsible for clearing the snow on their individual walkways, porches and balconies.
  • chevron_rightWho Repairs a Leak in my Balcony Door?
    As a general and very brief rule, the HOA is responsible for the roof and exterior walls and the owner is responsible for windows and doors (including jambs, thresholds, etc.).  Also, individual owners are responsible for:
    Shoveling Snow From Your Porches, Balconies and Entry Walkways
    Failure to clear porches & balconies exposes your wood door jambs to excessive moisture which can lead to deterioration of the door jamb.  It is the owner's responsibility to repair that damage.
  • chevron_rightWhere is my Account Number?
    Your Account Number is shown two places on your monthly bill.  It is on the top right and center right portions.  It is also written on the top right corner of each Warning or Violation Notice you receive.  Any time you write or call the HOA, have your Account Number handy.
  • chevron_rightWho is the Property Manager at Rio Homes?
    Rio Homes HOA is managed by Brian Lee Wilson with Flagstaff HOA Management.  He can be reached at CONTACT.
Insurance & Billing
  • chevron_rightCan I Get a Copy of my HOA Bill?
    Rio Homes prepares and sends bills once per month and does not prepare updated or duplicate bills before the next billing cycle.  To prepare for the event you may ever be asked for a copy of your bill, save your current bill until the time you receive your next bill.  You are responsible for retaining your bills and all notices for future reference.
  • chevron_rightI Need a Certificate of Insurance (COI)
    If your Lender is requesting an updated COI, please send an e-mail to AFM1979@msn.com.  Be sure your Account Number and Address are in the Subject Line.
    Also be sure include your Property Address, your name and contact information AND your Lender's Name and Address and your Loan Number.  Send the same information for a Re-Finance, but be sure to indicate it is for re-financing.
  • chevron_rightWhere Should I Send my Payments?
    The return address is printed on every monthly bill you receive.  Make checks payable to Rio Homes HOA, write your account number on the check and send it to:
    Rio Homes HOA
    c/o Brian Lee Wilson
    2389 S. Cliffview Street
    Flagstaff, AZ  86001
Landlord & Tenants
  • chevron_rightMy Tenant Has a Question. Who Should They Call?
    The HOA is responsible for communicating with Owners.  Owners and Landlords are responsible for communicating with their tenants.  The Property Manager will also interact with tenants as a courtesy, if time permits.  If these interactions become extended, the Property Manager may refer tenants to their owners or property managers.
  • chevron_rightWill Rio Homes Send Duplicate Bills, Notices to my Property Manager?
    Bills, notices and fines are mailed once per month and sent all together in the same envelop.  Rio Homes HOA does not send copies of mailings to multiple addresses.  Your two (2) options are:
    1. You can receive mailings at your address and you can forward any fine notices to your Property Manager.
    2. You can send a request to change the official address for your property to your Property Manager's.  They will then receive everything (bills, notices and fines) and can forward you the monthly billing statements.
  • chevron_rightI Cannot Find a Parking Spot. What Should I do?
    Rio Homes added dozens of new parking spaces since 2015 and plans to add more in the future.  If street parking appears to be full, drive around the development to find a free space even though it may be further from your unit.  If all spaces are taken, look for public parking on or near Pine Knoll.
  • chevron_rightI Need A Parking Permit.
    One Parking Permit is issued to each unit and additional permits may be purchased for $500.00 each.  You may pay with Cash, check or Money Order.  Electronic payments via transfers or credit cards are not accepted.  Permits are required for overnight parking, must be displayed, and are valid for the academic year.  For additional information, please see PARKING FAQs.
  • chevron_rightMy Car was Towed. What Can I do?
    Rio Homes HOA has contracted with JARR Towing to enforce the Parking Rules.  Their business number is (928) 526-8697, which is also posted on signs throughout the community.
    If you feel you have been towed unfairly, discuss the issue with JARR Towing at the time of your original interaction.  The HOA does not set the fees that JARR Towing charges and does not receive any portion of the fees you pay to JARR.
    You need to explain your appeal and request any reduction or waiver in fees directly to JARR.  To get the best likelihood of a favorable response, be polite and professionally persistent and talk to supervisors as appropriate.
  • chevron_rightWhat Does my Parking Permit Number Mean?
    Permits are distributed to each owner if they are current in their account.  The primary permit number matches the last three (3) digits of the Account Number shown on your monthly bill.  If you purchased additional permits, the numbers will vary.  They have been recorded to track the address for each permit issued.
    Anyone may use a valid Rio Homes permit, so you may loan your permit to a guest.  However, lost or stolen permits will not be replaced, so be sure it is returned.
  • chevron_rightWhere May I Park my Car?
    You may park in your garage or in designated parking spots only.  Parking is never permitted in Fire Lanes, driveways or any landscape areas.  Street Parking is only permitted in designated spaces on Noelle, Payton, Trevor and Sejarez.  A Parking Permit is required and must be displayed for overnight parking.
    Rio Homes added dozens of new parking spaces since 2015 and plans to add more in the future.  If street parking appears to be full, drive around the development to find a free space even though it may be further from your unit.  If all spaces are taken, look for public parking on or near Pine Knoll.
    If you are loading or unloading your vehicle through your garage, you must have your flashers blinking and you must move your vehicle immediately upon completion.  Place your items in the garage, close the garage door, then legally park your vehicle.  After parking legally, return to your unit to move your unloaded items as needed.
Rules & Violations, Fines & Appeals
  • chevron_rightHow Can I Appeal a Fine for a Violation?
    If you received a Violation Notice with your monthly bill, you have been fined and the fine is reflected in your previous balance shown on your bill.  If you wish, you may send an e-mail to AFM1979@msn.com that outlines your appeal.  Be sure to include your address in the subject line and enter your name and contact information in the body.  The full Board will read your e-mail and vote on your appeal.
    You also have the option to petition the Department of Fire, Building and Life Safety and/or the State Real Estate Department for an administrative hearing concerning the enforcement of alleged violation(s) pursuant to A.R.S § 32- 2199.01. and/or A.R.S § 41-2198.01.
  • chevron_rightWhat are Common Rule Violations?
    Rio Homes regularly inspects the property and enforces all RULES.  Some frequent violations include:
    • Trash bins must be stored out of sight.  All Trash must be stored in closed bins provided by the City.
    • Parking is never permitted in fire lanes, driveways or landscape areas.
    • Excessive or prohibited furniture or items are not permitted on porches, balconies or the roof.
    • Gas grills must be in fenced areas.  Fire pits and charcoal BBQs are prohibited.
    • Garage doors must be stored in a closed position.
    • Bikes must be parked out of sight in garages or behind fenced areas.
    • Window coverings may not alter the exterior appearance of the building(s).
    • Bulk Trash items must be stacked neatly and loose items must be boxed or bagged.
    If you have been fined, you will receive a paper notice and the fine will be reflected in your balance due shown on the next bill you receive.
  • chevron_rightWhat is a Police Report Violation?
    RULE 15-001 states that any activity that requires a police response is prohibited and will be fined. Prohibited offensive and criminal activity includes, but is not limited to, loud or unruly parties, vandalism, possession of illegal or controlled substances, underage drinking, disturbing the peace, domestic violence, fighting, assault, threats, etc.
    Section 4.16 of the CC&Rs prohibits unlawful use of any part of Rio Homes and Section 4.17 prohibits nuisance and offensive activity. Your Board has unanimously voted to levy fines for violations when police are called to the development.
    A criminal conviction is not required for a violation to occur. Fines will be levied based on a preponderance of the evidence which includes, but is not limited to, a party response notice, an arrest, or a police report per se. The fine for the 1st violation is $130.00, 2nd violation is $230.00, 3rd violation is $330.00 and fines will increase by $100.00 for each additional violation. Also, administrative fees will be assessed for any and all rules violations and, if necessary, legal fees.
  • chevron_rightWhat is the Violation Count?
    Fines increase for repeated violations and are assessed as:
    1st Violation - $40.00,   2nd Violation - $65.00,   3rd + Violation - $115.00
    Police Violation fines are higher and continue to increase for extreme repeat offenders:
    1st Violation - $130.00,   2nd Violation - $230.00,  3rd Violation - $330.00,  
    Each New Violations is $100.00 more than Previous Fine.
    Violations are removed from the count one (1) year after the date of occurrence.  Violation counts will reset to Zero (0) when a unit is sold.  The count does not reset with a change in tenants.  All units are treated the same when enforcing the rules and assessing fines, whether they are owner occupied or rentals.
    If three (3) separate properties have the same three (3) violations over the last year, they all receive the same fines for each violation.  Even if one property is owner occupied, another is occupied by a single tenant group and the last one is occupied by two or more tenant groups.
  • chevron_rightWhere Can I Read the Rules?
    Here are the current RULES.  Be sure to also review the CC&Rs and Amended CC&Rs.
Solar Panels
  • chevron_rightMay I Install a Solar Panel Photo-Voltaic (PV) System?
    All Owners have the right to install solar panels and create a Photovoltaic (PV) System on the portion of the roof serving their unit.  Owners must submit a request to the Rio Homes Board and read, sign and follow the Solar Panels - Roof Use Agreement, available for your review by clicking this link Solar PV.
Trash, Recycle and Bulk Items
  • chevron_rightWhen are Trash and Recycle Days?
    The City of Flagstaff collects Recycle on Tuesdays and Trash on Wednesdays.  Please be sure to have containers out by 6:00 AM and bring them back in that evening.  Bins must be stored out of sight, either in your garage or behind your fence.  Bins may not be overfull.  All trash must be in closed containers.
  • chevron_rightWhere Should I Place my Bins for Pick-Up?
    All bins MUST be placed on the same side of the street and be located at least 3 feet away from the neighboring bins.  If bins are too close, the mechanical arm cannot "grab" the bin.
    The Trash Trucks only enter each street once and cannot turn around, so bins must all be on the same side of the street to facilitate pick-up.  Most streets are oriented in an northern/southern direction and bins must be placed on the eastern side.  On Ivy and Gavin, bins must be placed on the southern side of the street, on the side closest to the I-40 freeway.
    If, for any reason, your bin is not collected and emptied, you must bring the bin back inside until the next week's pick-up day.
  • chevron_rightWhen is Bulk Item Pick-Up?
    The City of Flagstaff picks up every 5 weeks.  Please stack items neatly at the end of the street the weekend before collection.  Rio Homes will also collect items before the next scheduled pick-up, but if you miss the pick up day for that particular week, you must remove items until the next collection week.  Check the NEWS section for specific dates.
  • chevron_rightHow and Where Should I Place my Items?
    Large items must be neatly stacked at the corner of your street.  Loose items must be boxed or bagged.  Bags must be sufficiently strong for the items they hold.  Lighter bags that break, spilling contents, create an illegal trash dump and resident can be fined.  Remember food items must be placed inside closed trash bins.
  • chevron_rightWhat Items May I Place Outside for Bulk Item Collection?
    You may neatly stack furniture items, but loose items like books, papers, clothes must be boxed or bagged and then also neatly stacked.  Do not put out food, bathroom or household trash - that goes into trash bins.  Construction debris including wood, doors, sheet rock, toilets, etc. needs to be hauled away by contractor.  For appliances, please coordinate pick up and timing with the City of Flagstaff.  A messy pile is considered an illegal trash dump and may be fined.
  • chevron_rightDo Not Discard Items in the Forest
    All bulk items must be neatly stacked at the corner, and loose items must be boxed or bagged.  You may not discard any items, e.g. couch, chair, table, mattress, desk, etc., in the forest or other common area. Any violation will be fined.  Remember, please place food items in closed trash bins.
  • chevron_rightWhat Items are Prohibited?
    Do not put out food, bathroom or household trash (that goes into trash bins), construction debris (wood, doors, sheet rock, toilets, etc. - that needs to be hauled away by contractor), or appliances (coordinate pick up and timing with the City).  Items cannot be discarded in the forested common areas.  Neatly stack furniture items and loose items like books, papers, clothes must be boxed or bagged and neatly stacked.
  • chevron_rightCan I be Fined for Bulk Trash?
    Yes.  If you place prohibited items or carelessly throw loose items into a pile, the City of Flagstaff considers that an Illegal Trash Dump.  The Association can assess a fine and the City of Flagstaff can also fine the residence's utility account.
  • chevron_rightWhat Should I do with Construction Debris?
    Do not place any construction debris on the curb.  You must haul away all construction materials including lumber, doors, toilets, sheetrock, blinds, flooring, piping, etc.
  • chevron_rightWhat Should I do with Appliances?
    The City of Flagstaff will come and pick up used appliances.  Call them to schedule a collection time and place your item(s) outside at the time they advise.